Current Openings and Registration

Little Lambs
infant & newborn's

These littlest among us are so very precious. We strive to support the needs of both infants and parents in this space. Each infant is unique and their needs may vary. We work to collaborate with parents to be as supportive and helpful as we can.

***Spaces are limited in this room. Call for current openings.***

Blessed Beginners

Once infants begin to roll over, crawl, and cruise they will move into this space to support their needs for mobility and movement. We continue to keep ratios low at this developmental stage so that each child can get all the guidance they need.

***These spots fill up fast. Call for availability. 12/02/2023***

Little Blessings
12-24 months

Here we have our toddlers! So much happening in their busy lives at this point in development. Now they are climbing, running, and constantly curious about the world around them. In this room, more sensory options are given as well as plenty of big and small motor movement experiences. 

***Currently full as of 12/01/2023***

Little Helpers
2's and young 3's

This is our 2-year-old classroom. Here children take up big steps onto a larger space, more sensory options, and lots of big and small motor movements. This high-energy group is all about practicing healthy connections with teachers and one another.

***We currently have openings in this room as of 12/01/2023***

Shining Stars Preschool
ages 3-4

Here we strive to support healthy social and emotional guidance, hands-on learning, and practical life skills needed for these Shining Stars to move on towards their next big adventure.  We follow a structured flow and gently integrate scripture into each lesson. 

***We currently have openings in this room as of 12/01/2023***

Kids 4 Christ Pre-K
4's & 5's

Here we support those children who are only one year away from entering kindergarten and are 4 years old. In this space, our goal is to ensure they have the social, emotional, academic, and self-regulation skills they will need as they move up in their education experiences. 

Rate Information

Standard Care: We tend to children aged 6 months to 5 years. This rate depends on many factors such as age, developmental needs, and classroom ratios. To get the best information, please call directly 515-270-0150. Current State of Iowa ratios are listed below;

  • 6 weeks- 24 months of age: 1/4
  • 24 months-36 months: 1/7
  • Preschool age 3-4*: 1/10
    • (*child must be fully using the potty and not in diapers to move into the preschool room)
  • PreK age 4-5: 1/12
  • Summer Program age 5-8: 1/15

Summer Program: We have limited spaces available for this program. Please contact the director for current rate and availability. 

***Loving Arms Children’s Center does not pro-rate for care. Each paid spot is "full-time" regardless of how often your child attends.***

"Thank you to all of the wonderful staff at Loving Arms. They greet us with a smile every morning, and they deeply care for my child. It makes it much easier to drop him off every day when I know he is cared for and loved. I highly recommend Loving Arms to anyone looking for employment and a great place to care for your child! Thank you for all you do."

- Katie L